10 Beautiful Dresses Every Kenyan Woman Should Own

Kenyan women are beautiful and many would do anything to look good for that special occasion or even for a normal day. Currently dresses are easily available and affordable hence all the Kenyan ladies have no excuse of not looking good.  Today we are going to look at 10 Beautiful Dresses Every Kenyan Woman Should Own

1.    The nice black dress
The nice black dress comes hardy for many occasions. The dress will bring out the best especially if it is well accessorized. Regardless of the body type and shape a well-fitting black dress will always look elegant.

2.    African printed dress
African printed dresses should be on the list for all the fashion loving Kenyan ladies. Kenyans are well known for their rich culture and in most cases having one or two of these dresses will enable you blend in regardless of your back ground.

3.    Sheath Dress
The good thing about a sheath dress is that it brings out the feminine in every woman. Sheath dress can be worn for both official and unofficial occasions.

4.    The Lace Dress

More ladies are accepting lace as fabric that can make and decorate their dresses.  For all social events, laced dress can always be worn regardless of the colour.

5.    Evening Gown
Evening gown is not a common dress to wear in every occasion. Mostly, it is worn during formal occasions that take place at night. Some of these occasions may include official cock tails, weddings, celebrations etc.

6.    Pencil dress
For all the Kenyan ladies with ideal shape, a pencil dress is one of the best dresses to bring out your curves. The dress can be worn for all occasions and can be accessorized with different kinds of jewelries.

7.    Simple every day dress
Simple every day dress is actually modest, low-cost, and comfortable dress that is worn in normal day like when one is going to shopping, around the house, with friends etc.

8.    Maxi dress
Many people believe that their nothing beautiful about long dresses. That is not the case a maxi dress can be worn for some special events and also on normal day.  So on those days you want to fell relaxed yet look nice, then you can get one of that maxi dress.

9.    Peplum dress
A peplum dress looks amazing on all women. In fact, it’s one of the dress that makes every woman look an inch smaller. The secret of getting a good peplum dress is to choose good quality fabric.

10.    Wrap dress
To top it all, a wrap dress is also a good one.

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