10 Foods To Avoid When Weaning A Child At Six Months

10 Foods to avoid when weaning a child at six months. Every mother should know that there are 10 foods to avoid when weaning a six months old baby. Weaning can be quiet enjoyable as the baby gets to try different kinds of foods. However, there are some foods that should not be introduced until the child is over one year or has been accustomed to the new feeding method. Below are some foods to avoid when weaning babies.

10 Foods To Avoid When Weaning A Child At Six Months

1. Eggs

Eggs contain some allergens abilities which may cause problems such as eczema. Different researchers have indicated that only the egg white has the allergens. The yolk is recommended. Unless one is certain that the child will not be affected by the egg I’s good not to introduce them during weaning. However, after eights the egg can be given.

2. Ground nuts/Nuts

Nuts are among the foods to avoid when weaning a child at six months. The nuts are tough and they can lead to chocking especially if taken in hurry. The nuts can be introduced one the child is around 5 years.

3. Cow’s milk

Many people may wonder why cow’s milk is often discouraged until the child is one year. Every species produces milk with equivalent strength to cater for the needs of its young one. Cow’s milk is good for a calf but it’s too strong for a human baby. In cases where the mother is not able to feed the child the best option would be cow’s milk formula. Cow’s milk is difficult to digest and it contains allergens. Not only do cow’s milk cause allergies it can cause other complications later in life such diabetes. Another problem with the milk is that it may overload the baby’s kidney.

4. Honey

Honey may have clostridium botulinum which may cause poisoning. Child botulism is mostly related to consumption of honey. Some of the signs of botulinum poisoning include constipation, muscles weakness leading to reduced movement, drooling etc. Due to these complications parents should make sure that honey is only given after the child reaches one year.

5. Coffee

Coffee should not be introduced to infants because it contains caffeine which interferes with baby’s sleeping pattern. In addition to disrupting sleep, it has tannins which reduce iron absorption by the body. The stimulant in coffee leads loss of appetite which may cause stunt growth.

6. Raw foods

Raw foods such as fish, eggs, vegetables and animal products should not be introduced during weaning. Some fish such as marlin and swordfish may have mercury traces which can be harmful to infants’ .It’s good to be cautious with food containing raw eggs such as homemade mayonnaise, Mousses etc.

7. Sugary and fatty foods

Deep-fried foods have saturated fats with low nutrients value. When weaning a child the food should be balanced diet and by giving sugary and fatty foods it means the child will be feeding with less beneficial foods that lead to unnecessary weight gain and tooth decay.

8. Soft drinks

Sodas and juices contain high level of preservatives and sugar that can work against the developing body of a child. Sugar in soft drinks can damage your baby’s developing teeth. At six months these drinks should be avoided

9. Low fat and high fibre foods

Children grow at a high rate and they usually require more calories than we think. At six months a child is still growing and therefore foods which are labeled “low fat”, “low calories” should be kept away when weaning. High fibre foods may fill the baby for long without providing the required calories.

10. Salt

We all know the importance of salt as it contains iodine. Regardless of its importance a child who is being weaned may not require any salt. Where salt is added it should not be more than 1gram per day. Snacks that contain lot of salts are no go zone for an infant.

The above article highlights 10 Foods To Avoid When Weaning A Child At Six Months.

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