10 Habits to have a Permanent Weight Control

10 Habits to have a Permanent Weight Control. Too many people fall prey to fads and eating plans that offer quick results. Unless people make lasting changes in their lifestyles and chose to eat healthy foods on a regular basis, they effort will be wasted without much results.

On average it’s estimated that every extra kilogram can reduce upto one month from one life span. Fifty extra kilograms can reduce the age of someone by approximately four and halt years.

Below are some habits that can assist in in forming a permanent weight control measures


10 Habits to have a Permanent Weight Control

1. Always take breakfast
Breakfast is a very important meal that improves the energy level of a person. Without breakfast one will tend to be tired and be less vigorous in doing the day’s activities. This meal does not necessarily has to be expensive. A simple bread, tea and fruit can be of great importance than skipping the meal

2. Eats lots of healthy foods
Losing weight does not always involve eating less. It’s advisable to consume food rich in complex carbohydrates, high in fiber and less with cholesterol.

3. Eat three meals a day.
Eating three times a day is very important. The body will have the energy it requires at a regular interval. The best time is to consume the food during the day and for evening meals it should be two hours before one goes to sleep.

4. Save the deserts for special occasions.
Instead of having desert for main every meal, it is good to have a fruit. This will reduce the amount of sugar and fat consumed per day.

5. Drink plenty of water.
It’s tempting to choose a juice or a soda especially on a dry and tedious day. To lose weight consistently one will required to drink plenty of water. At least eight glass per day. This will help regulate the body water levels and remove the toxins that are harmful to the body.

6. Eat slowly
Eating in hurry can make one eat more food than required. Food should be eaten slowly as this will make one enjoy the food hence the mind will be able to identify the correct amount of food to eat. Slow eating also ensures that one is able to chew the food into smaller particles hence digestion will be easy.

7. Exercise regularly
Many people have a notion that physical fitness involves joining a gym and training for hours. This is not the case, some of exercises include 30 minutes brisk, swimming, skipping, riding bicycle etc.

8. Skip snacks/Choose healthy one
Some snacks can be addictive, more the habit. If snacking is habitual then it’s better to learn how to choose a healthiest alternative like fruits and salads.

9. Reduce toxin consume.
Substances containing alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and other drug substances can be harmful to the body. The body will not function properly with this toxins in the body. A prolonged consumption may even lead to disease such as cancer.

10. Have a healthy plan that is balanced and well rounded.
A healthy plan will incorporate things like hobbies, nutrition, physical well-being and all that aspects that lead to a more fulfilled life. It should not condemn one to fads diets nor should it be over demanding.

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