11 Most Affordable Foods that Improve your Health

11 Most Affordable Foods that Improve your Health. How can I improve my health? This is one of the most commonly asked questions today. We are what we eat, as garbage in garbage out. Regardless of our economic situation there are diets that we can follow and with time our health improves greatly. Some of these foods have been known for generations yet people ignore them without understanding their nutritional power. Below are the most affordable foods that will give an improved health leading to a longer life expectancy age.

1.    Garlic
Garlic is well known for its antifungal and antibacterial. It can fight colds and flus in addition to other benefits like boosting body immunity, lowering blood pressure and even reducing arthritis pain. The cost is very affordable and it readily available. To some people taking raw garlic can cause some stomach upsets, for such a case it better to include the garlic in cooked food or add honey.

11 most affordable foods that improve your health

2.    Green grams and Lentils
Lentils and green grams are very nutritious and they contain lots of fibre. They contain folic acid, which is important for pregnant women as they assist in formation of the babies’ brain and spine. In addition they have vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B6 and iron. They have low cholesterol level and protein which is important for repairing body tissues.

Green grams and Lentils

3.    Spinach
Spinach is one of the most readily vegetable in the world. It contains beta-carotene and vitamin C. Beta-carotene is a very essential as a human body converts it into vitamin A. For a healthy skin, strong immune system and good eye sight our body needs vitamin A. The green leaves contain folic acid which prevents unnecessary mutation in the body; it promotes cell development and metabolism.

4.    Sweet potatoes
Like the name points out, sweet potatoes are delicious and very nutritious. Their sugary taste enables one to consume them with less addition of sugar. They contain carotenoids which is demonstrated by

the rich orange colour. As it well known carotenoids is good base of the body producing vitamin A. The body improves its ability to fight some cancer cells and reduce aging by using the beta carotene and other carotenoids in the sweet potatoes

5.    Bananas
Bananas are cheap and always available. They are easy to carry and for the ripe banana it requires only simple peeling for one to consume. Bananas are rich in potassium and a person having high blood pressure is advised to consume at least one per day. They are rich in fibre and hence to prevent constipation that may results in hemorrhoids. Before starting any form of exercise, banana acts as good snack that gives the energy to work out well.


6.    Lemon
Lemon is a fruit that is well known for its sour taste but its health benefits outweighs the taste. Being a citric fruit, it is reach in vitamins C which promotes a healthy skin and hair. Flu and colds can also be prevented by taking lemon on a regular basis. Lemon water is good for weight loss, in that it helps in flushing out the accumulated waste in the body. These wastes contribute to additional weight in the body.

7.    Honey
Natural honey has health benefits that have been known for many years. First it contains anti-inflammatory agents, which reduce certain signs of inflammation such as swelling, fever, tenderness and pain. During cold and flu honey has the ability to soothe coughs and repeated intake may reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Honey is a brilliant source of energy, a spoon of calories contains approximately 64 calories without any extra fats.

8.    Oranges
Oranges are rich in vitamin C; similar to bananas they are filled with potassium, which helps to manage blood pressure at the correct levels. For a pregnant woman, oranges have folate. Continued consumption improves the skin and because of the vitamin C they protect body cell against cancer causing agents by neutralizing the free radicals. Since the fruit is affordable every person can be able richly benefit.


9.    Ginger
Ginger is so beneficial for the body, it has anti-inflammatory properties hence it can fight diseases such cold and flu, sore throat, pain and coughs. Heart burn is a common condition that can be taken care by eating ginger. In fact in some cases ginger can be better that taking anti-acid because it has additional benefits.

10.    Amaranth
For people who stick to gluten free foods, Amaranth is a good option. It contains albumin and globulin, primary proteins compared to gluten in wheat. These proteins are easily digested giving the body immunity boost. Another important amino acid is Lysine. Amaranth lysine is only comparable to that one of milk and it’s also advantageous as it is easily digested. In addition, it contains minerals such as calcium, iron, carotenoids and phosphorus. In situations such as anemia and low blood level amaranth intake can increase blood as it contains iron which helps in production of blood.

11.    Brown rice
Brown rice is very good for people who want to lose weight. Not only does it have enough fiber that enable it stay longer in the body and reduce the hunger feeling, it also contains selenium a mineral that can fight cancer of the colon. The natural oils in brown rice help in fighting cholesterol level in the body therefore the risk of having cardio vascular disease is reduced.

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