14 Reasons Why You Need To Lose Weight without Delay

If you are overweight you might juggle with the idea whether to lose weight or not. Well after reading this article “14 reasons why you need to lose weight without delay” you will see the significance of taking your weight seriously.


A well-researched report has shown that excess weight results in 45 percent increase in heart disease. In 2010 a report in relation to weight showed that people who are overweight have 22 percent higher risk of getting heart disease compared to people who are normal. The risk goes even further to 64 percent for people who are obese.

Weight management is not only a problem in developed countries; countries even in developing area are nowadays facing major health issues caused by excess weight.
There are many reasons why you should lose weight, below are important facts that should encourage you to lose weight.

1.    Close connection of type 2 diabetes  to excessive weight gain
In the early 1950 there were low cases of type 2 diabetes. Many people had average weight and the lifestyle was healthy including plenty of physical activities. From 1990s the incidences of diabetes has doubled especially from mid 1990s. The increase has been linked to individual weight. Around 90 percent of people having type 2 diabetes are either obese or overweight.

Adding that extra kilo on your normal weight increases your chance of getting diabetes. Well diabetes may be manageable but if poorly managed it can lead to other difficulties such as eye problems (blindness), kidney complications or failure, amputations of the feet or even worse cause death.

2.    Excess weight and cancer
Some of the top predisposing factors of cancer are smoking, chemical, genetics and even obesity. Some of the cancers exposed to obese individual include esophagus, colon, liver, rectum, kidney and pancreas. After smoking, some specialists consider obesity as the second factor making cancer patients to die.

3.    Obesity predisposes one to depression
Are all people who are depressed overweight?A report by National obesity observatory shows that there is a relationship between common mental health disorders and obesity. Some researchers concluded that obesity increases chance of having depressions while others concluded that people who are depressed may end up being overweight. This relation also depends on the age because adult and teenage were affected by this relation but for young children there was no significant relationship. The reasons why obesity increases the chances of getting depressed is because the brain chemistry may be altered in a depressed condition. Psychologically an obese person may consider themselves less attractive hence look for solace by eating more, resulting to more depression.

4.    Snoring loud
Imagine starting to snore loudly simply because of the extra kilograms you have gained.  Snoring can become disturbing especially if sharing a room. The funny thing with snoring is that it can momentarily interrupt breathing making someone to unconsciously wake up. It can also lead to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can lead to sleep disorders including other complications such as high blood pressure and heart failure.

5.    Obesity attracts heart attack & stroke
An eye opener study was done by Archives of Internal Medicine in USA. This study showed a clear link between excess weight and chances of getting heart attack /disease. For someone who is overweight the risk of getting heart diseases ic increased by 32 percent, obesity increases the same risk by 81 percent. No one wants to have heart problems or even stroke that may leave someone paralyzed or even worse. To avoid these problem overweight people should be challenged to shed off those extra

6.    Abnormal Blood Fats
The common fats in obese people include the bad cholesterol like the triglycerides and LDL. This fats are known for causing heart problems and blood pressure.

7.    Osteoarthritis
People who are obese have to bear with extra kilograms around their body. This puts extra pressure on major joints including the hips, knee and even the spinal cord. This will lead to  pain that will make even walking difficult.

8.    Reproductive Problems
In women obesity can lead to irregular menses that may lower the fertility. Men whole are overweight may also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

9.    Obesity may lead to vitamin D deficiencies.
Researchers have reported that there are low levels of vitamin D in obese people. Although there is no clear explanation for this deficiency, some report suggest that vitamin D usually gets diluted in the body hence it reflects as deficiency. For people who source of vitamin D is the sunshine the skin surface area is much lower to absorb enough vitamins D for a bigger bodied person.

10.    Abdominal obesity
Obesity leads to abdominal fat which leads to big or sagging waist. Abdominal obesity begins when the circumference around the waist is more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men.  This condition can lead too other complications such as high blood pressure, increased blood sugar in the blood and high cholesterol level.

11.    Blot clots in obese people.
As one becomes obese chances of deep vein clot or blood clots increases. Researchers and doctors are yet to get fully understanding of this clots could be caused due to
Lack physical activities lower the circulation rate of blood hence creating an environment of getting a clot.
The extra fat around the belly also makes it hard for blood to flow easily to the heart hence formation of blood clot is increased
Many obese individuals have diabetes which enhances the risk of having deep veins clots.

12.    Obesity and dying young
Obesity increases the risk of a person dying at younger age compared to a person with normal weight. This is because of the health problems that are an obese person faces.

13.    Losing weight and improving image
As seen earlier obesity can cause depression and one of the reasons why one should lose weight is that one improves self-image by shedding of that extra weight.

14.    Excess weight vs your general health
Ever seen an overweight person walk at brisk pace? Carrying and bearing the excess weight requires effort and not only does it slow the rate of doing your normal daily activities, it also predisposes your body to general health problems. Overweight individuals are 20 times more likely to have diseases such as asthma, leg and ankle swelling, poor circulation, depression, eating disorders, arthritis, gout, gallstones etc. The higher the Body Mass Index (BMI) the higher the risk of getting these diseases. The older one gets the faster the metabolism rate goes down hence the human being tend to gain more weight with especially after 30 years. By the time you hit 30 years you should wake up to the reality that your body will generally gain weight and if one is already obese the condition will not improve any soon.

To have a healthy life, one should maintain an average BMI. Taking the necessary steps to be healthy is an initiative that every person should observe. The motivation to do this should be from within but also realizing the health risk caused by overweight can also create extra morale.

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