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Afya Njema. Our good healthy is greatest gift we have been given by God. Taking care of it should be our priority.

More often than not, we spend too much of our time looking for money while ignoring our health, later we spend much of earned money paying for medical bills due to neglected health. People are increasingly waking up to the fact that they must be in control of their own health.

As a guide to good health, we give a good outlook at food & diet, wellness & fitness, fashion and grooming. Our goal is to ensure everyone lives a well-balanced life in terms of physical health, mental health, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Afya Njema is a Swahili word which means Good health. We at Afya Njema offer you the best tips of keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Our lifestyle is changing every day; Afya Njema brings you a new class of daily health resources for the entire society, fitting flawlessly into the mobile connected and socially networked lifestyles of today.

It is a desire for everybody to live a smart and healthy living. Afya Njema delivers trusted suggestions for wellness and health related goals. Good healthy website for today’s busy and connected lifestyles.


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