Benefits of Avocado – Ways of eating or adding Avocado to Your Diet

Avocado is a common fruits with unique features. It contains healthy fats that are so beneficial to the body. A cross the world this fruit is used by people to meet healthy needs and beauty needs. The benefits of avocado are that it can be taken as a salad and can be eaten with a variety of foods. Below are the benefits of avocado.

Benefits of Avocado

1. Avocado has a variety of nutrients/ vitamins

One of the benefits of avocado is that it contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins compared to other fruits. Some of these nutrients include

  • Folic acid

Not only is folic acid needed by pregnant mothers during the first three months of baby formation it also good for children and adults. Folic acid is used to generate and sustain formation of new cells in the body. A good supply of folic acid in the body means it will be able to form sufficient red and white cells there by preventing diseases.

  • Magnesium

Without magnesium our muscle would not be able to function well. Benefits of taking avocado in this case are that it provides magnesium which promotes optimal function of muscles, nerves, immune system and bone strength.

  • Fiber

Avocado has fiber that is essential in digestion. People who consume enough fiber tend to have low cases of constipation, obesity and heart related diseases. This is because the fiber reduces eating disorders and improves overall performance of the body.

  • Potassium

The advantage of potassium is that it lowers blood pressure by lowering the effects caused by excess sodium in the body.

  • Iron

Another benefit of avocado is that it contains Iron is used in formation of blood hence reduces anemia.

  • Vitamin C

As source of vitamin C, avocados are great because they promote beautiful skin and healthy bones.

2. Avocado has the “good-fats”

Not all fats are detrimental to the body. Unsaturated fats have a healthy benefit to heart and other parts of the body. The unsaturated fats in avocado help reduce influx if sugar level in the body hence lower blood sugar and weight gain.

3. Lower cholesterol levels.

As highlighted above avocado contain the unsaturated fats which can are easily converted to energy than the saturated fats. A recent study has shown that a diet containing avocado can lower the cholesterol level by 20 percent. Reduced cholesterol lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

4. Contains antioxidants beneficial to the eyes

Another benefit of avocado is that it contains antioxidants which can fight toxins which damage the body cells. For they eyes avocado has antioxidants which can reduce the chances of getting eye problems like the cataracts.

5. Increases chances of weight loss.

The high fiber content in avocado enables one to go for longer without the need to eat. As a result one may lose some weight if the avocado is taken consistently. Another reason why avocado increases weight loss is that it contains goods fats which are easily converted to energy. Although it can assist in weight loss, excess intake may eventually lead to weight gain.

6. Good appetizer

Avocado combines well with many foods. Due to its nice taste people with low appetite can combine it with others foods in order to take more foods as required.

7. Skin care

Avocado can be used as a facial mask –How to use avocado as a facial mask. Together with other ingredients like honey and egg white avocado can be used to reduce skins problems like acne and excessive dryness.

8. Assist in absorption of other nutrients

The most important thing about good dieting in our body is not what we take but how much our body can be able to use and absorb. If the nutrients are not absorbed in the body then much of what is eaten ends up as waste. Now to improve some of the vitamins like A, E and K are better absorbed when combined with the soluble fat from the avocado.

Ways of eating or adding Avocado to Your Diet

  • One can eat avocado by mashing and seasoning it with some salt or preferred ingredient
  • Slice some avocado and spread around the preferred meal.
  • Smashed or sliced avocados can be used with other vegetable to make a sandwich or spread on bread.
  • Salad- Add some avocado on your salad to make more delicious.
  • Blend some avocado to homemade yoghurt to add some flavor

The benefits of avocado are much more that outlined. In some places avocados are used to generate extra virgin avocado oil. Compared to the processed oil, avocado oil is the preferred option as it is healthier. Avocado are readily available in many areas at low prices. The best way to benefit is to try taking them at moderate level to avoid any unnecessary weight gain as they have high fats and calories.

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