Exercise That Burns Body Fat Faster

Searching for Exercise that burns body fat faster or Exercise that Burns the most fat. Doing similar workout routine can make the body familiarize with the moves hence burning fewer calories. To burn more fat or calories it is advisable to introduce new moves now and then. Introducing new fitness moves once per month can help one burn more body fats. Below are some exercises that will boost body metabolism leading to weight loss.

Skater squats – Exercise that Burns Body Fat Faster

Sometimes the body may get used to the regular squats. In such cases one can introduce skaters squats which are bit difficult and results to better results.  Skater squats requires body coordination and balance. They work out the lower body especially the legs. With repetitive moves the body burn more fats.

skaters squats

How to do skaters squats

  • Stand straight with chest up
  • To start with the left leg, bend your right legs at 90 degrees
  • Shift your left knee, hips and ankle backwards to wards the floor
  • Lower yourself as far as it can go and then return to starting position
  • Repeat around 5 to 10 repetitions for each leg

Break dance push ups

Break dance pushups are a bit complex than the normal pushups. They improve the upper body strength and flexibility.

How to do break dance push ups

  • Start with the normal push up and once at top rotate your entire body to the left.
  • Ensuring the left hand and right leg support you, raise your left knee to your right leg.
  • Return to the starting point of a push.
  • On each try about 6 to 10 repetitions.

Skipping rope – Exercise that Burns fat

Through skipping the body can burn extra fat as major muscles in the body are used compared to regular aerobics. Moderate skipping of around 110-110 skips per minute can burn up to 15 calories per minutes. It’s advisable to ensure an upright posture when skipping. The rope size is determined by someone’s height.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are good for overall body workouts. In fact it strengthens a number of body muscles found in the legs, abdomen, hands, hips, arms and chest.

Jumping jacks

How to do the jumping jacks

  • Stand straight, putting feet together and hands down on both sides.
  • Jump stretching both hands above the head and legs to be a part to the level where they are fully stretched with no discomfort
  • Repeat the jumps for around 10-15 times

Lunges – Exercise that Burns the fat fast

Lunges are very effective because they can be done anywhere and lead to a toned back and legs. The most common form of lunges includes the front and backward.


How to do the jumping jacks

  • Ensure that the upper body is straight, shoulders should be relaxed and the face straight and looking forward
  • Stride forward or backwards depending on the kind of lounges being done. Lower your hips with one leg until an angle of 90 degrees. To avoid straining make sure the knee is always above the ankle. Pushing to much can cause discomfort.

Regular exercise will always have positive results but with time the weight may not go down as expected. To burn more fat and see better results the above exercise can be added to workout schedule. The Exercise That Burns Body Fat Faster

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