Foods That Make You Age Faster – Foods That Make You Look Older

Although aging is a natural process that is destined for every person, there are some foods that make you age faster. The preferred option of aging for many people is to look younger than the actual age.

Instead of using expensive measures to fight aging below are some of the foods that age you faster or foods that make you look older and measures of how to avoid them.

Deep fried and sugary fast foods – foods that make you older

Deep fried foods are full of saturated fats which are difficult to digest. Most of these foods end up as body fat. Lots of fats in the body usually lead to clogged veins and arteries which may result in diseases. These diseases may degrade the chromosomes in the body hence makes one appear older.

Processed foods

The reason why processed foods are among the foods that make you age faster is because they have man made ingredients and preservatives which contain harmful components that may cause damage to the body. For example too much fat may cause skins sensitivity which may lead to collagen destruction. Collagen destruction leads to early aging as the skin elasticity is destroyed.


Human body is 70 percent water and when water is less the body will not function well. When taken in large amount salt draws out water from the body hence makes one look older. In addition to aging someone, excess salt may lead to kidney problems.


Among the foods that make you age faster is the much celebrated coffee. Coffee like salt leads to dehydration of the body. Prolonged intake of coffee prevents the skin from holding water hence it become dry and wrinkled making one appear older than the actual age.


Once in the body alcohol forces the kidneys to work more, removing the water in the body. This leaves the skin dry. In addition to leaving the skin dry, it also reduces absorption of vitamin A an important mineral that has antioxidants that are meant to fight aging and enable cell renewal. Excessive intake of alcohol also leads to belly fat. This is because once in the body it is converted to fat which to accumulate around the waist. Accelerated aging and gaining of weight will eventually make someone appear older than one who does not take alcohol.

Soft and energy drinks

Many soft and energy can be classified among the foods that make you age faster. Some of these drinks contain a lot of sugar, caffeine and chemicals that add toxins the body. As highlighted earlier, caffeine leads to dehydration of the body hence making it appear older and wrinkled. Some preservatives and artificial sweeteners are also not good for the body as they lead to unnecessary weight gain and teeth discoloring and decaying

Cakes and snacks

For someone constantly taking excess sugar they increase their chances of aging faster. Sugar leads to constant body inflammation. Artificial sweeteners degrade long time body metabolism as it give the body empty calories. Unless it is used by the body sugar is eventually converted into fat which may lead to obesity

Micro waved foods

Foods prepared in micro waves are not good because they have been linked to the formation of carcinogens. They contain high level of salt which leads to dehydration of the body making it look elderly. For one to look young micro waved foods should be taken less.

Excessive gluten

Wheat contains a component known as gluten. Gluten increases aging because it contains components known as glycation end products. Excessive intake of wheat products may therefore lead to early wrinkle appearance.

There some foods that make you age faster and the best thing is to try and avoid them as early as possible. By the age of 30 years aging signs begin for many people. For women they tend to age faster if the necessary caution is not taken. Avoiding the above foods, enrolling in a gym or having an exercise routine, avoiding stress and believing in God is the best ways to fight early aging.

There are many other foods that age you faster or foods that age your face, if we have not added the food you know kindly send us an email and we will include it on this list of foods that make you look older.

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