How to Bring up Healthy and Fit Children

It’s a challenge bringing up a child; parents often wonder how to bring up a healthy baby or how to bring up healthy and fit children. Everyday habit eventually determine whom we are later in life. Bringing up a healthy baby is a satisfying thing for many parents. Children require good nutrition and more often than not, parents neglect observing good feeding habits for their children. Parents feed children with wrong foods high in sugar, flavor and fats.

A report by National institute of health in USA has shown that heart disease begins in childhood. Most children today are exposed to lifestyle diseases.  Out of 360 children selected for the study, it was exhibited that the today children are three times more likely to get lifestyles diseases compared to children in born in 80s and 70s. The important question for modern day parent should be- how can I bring up a healthy child?

Children learn easily and the younger they are the better. Below are some tips on how to bring up healthy and fit children

Encourage outdoor play

There are simple pleasures in child play. Not only do they become fit they also grow mentally and socially. They are able to experiment and observe nature. They could play with their playmates or use sports equipment. The important is to make sure they are active and enjoy what they do. Child play does not have to be expensive for it to enjoyable, a simple skipping rope, ball, race, hide and seek can do well for the children

Children Playing

Ensure children have at least three meals a day

A healthy child requires breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals should contain lots whole grains, fruits and vegetables. At times kids can dislike whole grains so the best thing is to make it as tasteful as it can be. However this does not mean adding unnecessary sugar or fats. Snacks should be discouraged and if possible replaced with nutritious snacks like the fruits.


Adequate intake of water

A growing child requires water to keep their active body hydrated. Children require five to eight glasses of water daily. Sodas and flavored should be spared for special occasions. It’s not advisable to very strict with children as it may appear as a punishment. Once in a while parents can allow snacking and sodas.

Child drinking water

Control hours spent watching television.

To have a healthy and fit child requires the parent to reduce the hours spent on the television.  Study has shown that the hours a child spends watching TV is directly proportional to the weight gained. Video games hours should also be reduced as they are not physically engaging and the can be addictive.

Enough sleep and rest

Adequate rest is very important for the young ones. After much play kids are usually very tired though many fight early hours to bed. A teenage requires around 8-9 hours of sleep while the younger ones requires more. If daytime naps are difficult the child should be put to bed early.

Add interesting schedule

A healthy child requires more than good nutrition and physical activities. Hobbies are also interesting activities that can help them grow well. Hobbies like playing musical instruments, acting and drama, reading etc. Parents should also support their children in these activities. Children who spend time with their parents and develop deep spiritual roots experience less stress and they have a better mental health.

Having a healthy and fit child is more of developing sustainable feeding value and self-control. Values are learned through examples. Parents’ day to day choices will determine their child’s future behavior.  If a child does not grow up understanding the value of good health then they may soon drop whatever feeding habits were instilled to them. Other than giving rules and regulations , parents should make their kids understand the importance of staying away from junk foods, turning off the TV, getting  off the couch and getting some exercise. A young body is terrible thing to waste.

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