How to Dress Slimmer and Look Thinner

Many people at one point have wondered how to dress to look slimmer or how to dress slimmer and look thinner. The need to look slim mostly depends on the occasion at hand. Although looking slimmer depends so much on our weight, our dressing can also bring out a slimmer figure. There are many ways on how to dress slimmer and avoid looking fat. Below are some tips on how to dress to look slimmer.

1. Stick to fitting clothes – How to Dress Slimmer

In order to fit right clothes shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Tight clothes tend to expose the excess fat around the hips and waist. On the other hand, loose one make one look bigger and round as they present a clumsy look. Inner wears should also fit right to prevent unnecessary popping or outlines that are visible inside the clothes

2. Emphasis on the waist

Naturally the waist is smaller than the rest of the body. To bring out a slimmer figure one should put some emphasis on the waist by putting on belts, having clothes that have unique texture, colors or pattern at the waist. Drawing more attention to the hips and chest can also bring out a smaller waist. To make the chest look bigger women can wear shirts with ruffle and for hips a dress or skirts that flares out around the hips.

Emphasis on the waist

3. Select accessories appropriately.

In order to look slim one can wear necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are flattering. For example wearing a long necklace will create a slim and long look as the eyes will concentrate on the long necklace other than the actual neck. A colorful bracelet will emphasizes on the slim wrist , drawing away attention from the flabby arms.


4. Be experimental with colour and patterns

To look slimmer one need to play around with colours. Bright colours reflect light so human eyes tend to notice them faster than dull ones. Black and dull colours are known to bring out a slimmer figure as the as light is not reflected to bring out a bigger image to the eyes.  Adding bright accessories around the waist, wrist and neck will make them look smaller.


5. Be selective and fashionable

To look slimmer one need to be selective, but fashionable. Not every new fashion is awesome for someone wanting a smaller appearance. One of the important factors is to avoid any clothes that tend to add unnecessary weight. This includes heavily kneaded sweaters, puffer jackets, empire waist tops, baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts etc.

6. Use shape enhancers

One of the easiest ways to look slimmer is to use shape enhancers. These enhancers are either vest, shorts or body suits which have elastic material that will be able to hold the body in its ideal shape. Waist enhancer is one the common item, it compresses fat around the waist making one appear to have a smaller and well defined waist. Men also have chest enhancers that they can use to bring out a more muscular chest.
Shape Enhancers

Although we can occasionally dress to look slimmer the best way to have a well-toned and smaller body is by eating healthy and having a fitness program. Not only will diet and fitness give us a more desired body it will also improve the quality of life we live. A quick fix will work once in a while but for a long-term goal one need to take the right steps to have the desired body size.

Its time to dress slimmer for any occasion.

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