How to Have Soft Hair Using Kenyan Products

How to Have Soft Hair Using Kenyan Products. Having natural hair is becoming a trendy thing for most Kenyan women. Natural hair creates an authentic feeling, although if the hair is not well taken care of it can break and become hard. In many cases ladies who are going natural for the first time have a problem knowing which hair products are available locally and how to use them.

Hair experts have different views on how who keep your natural hair soft and today we are going to look at How to have soft hair using Kenyan products.

Shampoo your hair

Every time ensure you use a moisturizing shampoo that contains less sulphate. A good shampoo ensures that the hair is not hard and it cleans the hair without causing hair damage.  Ensure to follow the manufacturer instructions. Hair should be shampoo often but in most cases it should not be a daily routine unless you are willing to use conditioner every time.

It is advisable to use cool or lukewarm water to rinse your hair. Very hot water or very cold water should be avoided as it can lead to hair damage/tangling.  Kenyan market has many shampoos which can meet your need and some include ORS creamy aloe shampoo, Marini (sulphate free) shampoo, Argan oil (Morocco) shampoo, etc

Regularly Condition your hair

To have soft hair you will need to condition it every time you shampoo it. The good thing about applying conditioner to your hair is that it reduces breakage, reduces tangling, improves hair elasticity and makes it soft, shiny and vibrant. Ensure to apply the conditioner generously to ensure that nearly all/all the hair strands are conditioned.

Many ladies get less result from the conditioner because they apply it shallowly. For best result ensure to leave the conditioner for at some minutes and remember to heat the conditioner and above all remember to follow the labels instruction.  For those who own dryers you can cover your hair with shower cap and use the dryer to enable more conditioner penetrate deep in the hair shaft. If you don’t have a dry you can just cover your hair covered for some time.

Other that the regular condition that follows hair shampooing, deep condition is also good as it contains more ingredients which improve the general condition of the hair. If you have limited time to condition your hair every time you shampoo it you can apply the leave-in conditioner once in a while.

Always use a Moisturizer

Moisturizing is very vital for all lovers of natural hair. To maintain the good texture improves by the conditioning ensure to moisturize every day. The good thing about moisturizing is that you can mix simple ingredients such like water, olive oil and glycerin. This mixture is a good moisturizer for your hair.

Seal in the moisturizers

To top it all ensure to seal in the moisturizer applied. Natural oils like jojoba and Shea butter to retain the moisture.
Having soft natural hair is a dream come true for many women. Soft hair is easy to maintain and it can be styled easily. Before shopping for any hair product ensure you do a thorough research on the product. Avoid mixing different hair products from different manufacturers as the results may be unpleasant. Understanding you hair type is also essential. Finally our hair can indicate the type of diet we take, so ensure to eat balanced diet and stay hydrated.

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