Importance of Walking During Pregnancy – Benefits of Walking During in Pregnancy

The importance of walking during pregnancy can never be overlooked. Pregnant women may be limited on the type of exercise to do, but one of the safest exercises is walking. It requires no equipment and one can do it at any time of the day. Even for people who didn’t have any fitness routine, walking would still be adequate.

For someone who has been going for walks, continuing the same even after pregnancy will still be good. For women who have been fairly inactive it is good to start with 20 minutes’ walk then gradually increase the pace and the time to around 30-45 minutes. Before proceeding with the walk, you can seek professional advice from your health care giver.

Importance of walking during pregnancy : Benefits of Walking During in Pregnancy

  • For some women, importance of walking during pregnancy is that it enables them have a shorter and easier labour.

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Although not all women have easier child birth because of walking it important because it a form of exercise that has other advantages

  • Walking may look simple but it actually burns calories. Consistence walking will even burn more calories hence preventing excess weight.
  • Walking during pregnancy keeps you fit hence reduces diseases such diabetes.
  • It strengthens the body and one can actually have the stamina to take care of the baby even after birth.
  • It reduces constipation and excessive swelling of the feet. This is because blood circulation improves during the walks.
  • When one is able to remain fit during pregnancy it means it will be possible to maintain the same even after giving birth.

Tips on how to go for walks during pregnancy

1. Select good and comfortable shoes

During pregnancy many women feet become bigger and sometime they swell due to the increased water retention in the body. To avoid any discomfort ensure the shoes fit correctly and in case you notice the need to get a bigger sized shoes don’t hesitate to do so. The inner part should be comfortable, not exerting any pressure.

2. Drink enough water

A normal person requires approximately 8 glasses of water per day. See also The excellent drink with no calories-Water. A pregnant woman will require more for the body to work at optimum rate and remain hydrated. During the walk you can carry a bottle of water.

3. Understand the change of your balancing point.

Because of the big belly there could be a change in the center of gravity. Walking on raised and narrow paths may seem difficult. But with time you will get used to walking with a bigger belly.

4. Choose appropriate time to walk

Avoid walking in very hot sun or extremely cold weather. It’s advisable to walk early in the morning or late in the evening. Ensure your skin is well protected against direct sunlight.

5. Feed well

Pregnant women should eat healthy. The body should be fuel up with so that you can have the energy without much straining. Some minutes before going for the walk you can eat a healthy snack like a fruit, yoghurt etc.

6. Maintain a good posture

Poor posture may result in back pain or muscle pain. Keep the head and shoulders straight. You can swing both hands to maintain balance.

7. Support your belly.

In late stages of the pregnancy you can use belly bands to support your big belly. This will create some comfort and reduce back pain.

8. Look for a walking companion

Sometime it will become difficult to go for the walk. An encouragement from a friend may makethe exercise enjoyable. Socialize and relax your mind.

9. Avoid walks in very populated and polluted areas.

The importance of walking during pregnancy is to relax and kip fit. Polluted areas are not good for having walks as they lead to infections. For example dusty area may lead to flu. Walking in places where there are many people one might bump into some, get hit or even fall down. It is also good to keep off areas that are dangerous and isolated. Inform your loved ones of the direction you are heading and the moment they should expect you back.

10. Keep moving

In the third trimester it may become difficult especially for someone with a bigger belly. The important thing is not to give up. Splitting the walks to two or three times a day can be good. If outdoor walks are difficult try moving around the house. If you have trend mill you can walk on it.

Signs you need to take a break from walking during pregnancy

Women are advised to take walks but it may reach a point where one will need to take a break. This may happen if

One is experience pain and lack of breath.

Multi pregnancies may lower the ones activities especially when approaching the due date. In case it becomes strenuous to walk around you can take a break

In case any complication arises

In some circumstance a doctor may advise one to have bed rest

To handle walks during pregnancy it’s good to have a positive attitude and focus. Understanding the benefits it’s going to give you and your baby should be enough to be a good motivating factor. Doctor and researchers have always emphasizes the Importance of walking during pregnancy. So when you if you can try to enjoy this simple exercise.

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