How to lose weight and Kenyan celebrities who lost weight

How to lose weight is a very critical thing for people who experience health problems due to the excess weight. To lose weight is not an easy matter and it requires determination and self-denial. A recent study has shown that Kenyan women especially in the urban areas are overweight and need to do something about their weight. Losing weight is something that can be achieved and many Kenyans including our celebrities have done it. As we address – How to lose weight and Kenyan celebrities who lost weight, we shall give real examples of how determined people have lost that excess weight.

Kalekye Mumo is one of the beautiful Kenyan ladies to have lost weight with lots of determination. Health warning from her doctor is what challenged her to lose over 35kgs. Currently, at age 40 Kalekye Mumo is a happy lady. So how did Kalekye Mumo lose that weight? Well the answer lies behind change of diet and more exercise. She had a huge turn around on what she ate and the portions. Exercise became a regular thing on her routine. As a result of her weight loss Kalekye Mumo has gained several health benefits such as reduced thinning of her knee joint, reduced legs swelling, reduced chances of getting blood clot and many more.

Nazizi Hirji journey of weight loss has been one full of determination. At one time she weighted 115kgs a thing that started taking toll on her body as she developed joint pains.  It is as this point she decided to lose weight. Nazizi Hirji weight loss program required her to do away with all junk food, east smaller portions of healthy foods and vegetables and drinking lots of water. Currently she is a certified weight loss coach and above she looks great.

Another inspiring weight loss experience comes from Anerlisa Muigai. The daughter of Keroche Breweries C.E.O Tabitha Muigai has really inspired many ladies who think weight loss is unattainable.  Anerlisa Muigai weight loss saw her lose a total of 47kgs in nine months. How did Anerlisa Muigai lose weight? Below is her brief weight loss program

•    For the first or second month start with low intense exercise like yoga and walking to avoid pushing your unfit body to the limit. A one hour walk every day will be a good start.
•    After your body is accustomed to the simple exercise introduce the intense exercises. For better results serious training should go for one to one and half hour per day. As you achieve your goal you can reduce the exercise to one hour.

•    Reduce amount of sugar in your diet
•    Eat boiled, steamed or grilled food/meat.
•    Use health cooking oils like olive oil
•    Eat whole grain foods and vegetables.
•    Drink lots of water
•    Eat food that will make you feel full for long e.g cereals

Knowing how to lose weight is not a complicated thing, it only requires determination and focus. Many of us know how to lose weight, is only that we are not willing to sacrifice. Many Kenyans wait until that excess weight start affecting their health and sometime it turns out to be too late because lifestyle diseases like hypertension, arthritis, diabetes develop. With inspiration from the people we have seen their transformation should motivate many to join the journey of weight loss. Experiences from Kalekye Mumo, Nazizi Hirji and Anerlisa Muigai have actually indicated that the effort put in weight loss is worth it. The three ladies are healthier, happier, have improved self-image and above all they look gorgeous when they fit in that nice dress.

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