Why Modern Day Bread Is Fattening Many People

We look at some reasons why modern day bread is fattening many people. Compared to bread eaten back in the days, modern day bread is not what it used to be. The packets may be labeled healthy, fat and sugar free, whole meal but the reality is that it’s not healthy as it seems. It may not yet be clear to many people but to some people they are becoming gluten intolerant. Present day wheat is making people to become unhealthy. For many people bread is part of very day meal especially for breakfast. The problem with bread comes from the modern day wheat that is used to make it. Increasing number of people are facing digestion problems hence opting for gluten free diet.

What happened to the ancient bread that was once healthy and nutritious?

The answer lies on the way the modern day wheat is grown and processed. Ancient days wheat was grown naturally with no inorganic chemical and it was given ample time to grow naturally. When it came to processing, it only involved grinding the whole wheat together into fine flour. Nothing was removed. Currently, the wheat we consumed was introduced back in 60s. The new kind of wheat was considered good for farmers as it had high yield and more pest resistance.  Farmers and milling companies rejoiced as the profits would go up. The problem with this dwarf wheat is that it lacked some vital vitamins that why even the pest would not put up with it. Another problem with this wheat is that it gave better yield if fertilizer was added.  So as humanity applauded the dawn of plenty wheat in the market, many didn’t understand the problem that would later develop.


Another problem came in with the improved technology. Improved technology made it easier to separate the important component that make up the wheat. Wheat processing became fast and efficient. Like in most business, profit maximization is a key thing. Millers concentrated on supply regardless of the nutritious value. The cycle has continued even for the current production. More and more important nutrients are being removed from the wheat. During processing the fibrous outer cover known as bran is removed. The nutritious germ is also extracted to make wheat germ oil. The left wheat is further process to remove all the fibrous part and that why pure white flour is obtained.

From these extensively reined wheat is where we get our bread from. The end results leads to unhealthy bread that is only rich in refined starch. Eating bread as an everyday meal leads to excessive weight gain, especially around the waist. Since there is no fibre content in the same bread, the digestive process is slowed down yet the nutrient gain is very little. In fact to some extend the researcher are now linking some digestion problems and inflammatory diseases.

Its estimated that consuming this highly refined bread leads to more blood sugar in the blood than even eating sugar itself. Consumption of bread for a longtime may even lead to insulin intolerance, hence developing diabetes. Some of the breads are further added sugar and saturated fats making them even unhealthy

Another discourage thing about modern day bread that is making it fattening is that it can be addictive.  After eating it you are likely to feel more hunger after only few hours. That is why you will find many people binge biting bread after few hours.

So how can one keep off from this unhealthy wheat?

The best thing is to reduce or avoid eating gluten bread and look for alternatives. Since bread is mostly eaten in the morning you can choose to select more healthy foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, fruits and vegetable.

How can one tell if they should choose a gluten free diet?

The best thing is to identify if you could having gluten intolerance. Try doing away with any form of gluten for some time. Examine any general change in the body. After around two weeks start taking the foods contain and observe any changes. If they body responds negatively then its time you chose a gluten free diet or reduce the amount take.

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