5 Natural ways of having a Smooth and Spotless Face

Having a natural smooth and spotless face is one of the most desired things for many people. Our skin sometime faces different challenges such as acne, wrinkle and scars. These challenges make our face appear rough.  There are beauty products in the market that offer solution but there are also several natural ways to make your face smooth.

Natural Ways to Keep your Face Smooth

Wash your face at least twice a day.

To have a smooth and spotless face at least one should wash it at least twice a day. Many are the times our faces are exposed to harmful germs and bacteria’s. The best way to do away with these germs is to ensure we wash the face with the right soap at least in the morning and evening. It is advisable to avoid regular bar soap as it tends to dry the skin by drawing water from it. Washing the face before going to bed is very important as it eliminates the make-up used during the day. Warm water is good as it get rid of the excess sticky make up and oils used.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a natural cleanser. The condition of our skin sometime indicates how well our body is hydrated. A minimum of eight glasses of water per day is the required amount. This will help flush out the impurities in the body. To add flavor to the water one can add lemon.

Have facial mask

Facial mask can assist in having a smooth and flawless face. Some of the simple home remedy for facial mask include: avocado and egg white, lemon juice and honey, cinnamon and honey, pawpaw, banana peels etc. For natural care it’s advisable to use the natural ingredients as they will rarely have less side effects. Facial mask will remove dead skin and supplement face with vitamins depending on the natural ingredients used.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

To have a spotless face, the body has to be healthy. Healthy individuals have strong immunity that is able to fight diseases causing organism. Vegetables have nutrients and vitamins that are good for the skins. Some of the vitamins essential for a smooth and spotless skin include,

Nutrients/Vitamin Fruit/Vegetable Importance to the skin
Vitamin A Carrots, Lettuce, Red pepper, Mangoes, Kale/Sukuma wiki, Peas, tomatoes etc. Reduces wrinkles
Vitamin B Apricots, Apples, Bananas, Black berries, Cherries, kiwi fruits etc. It promotes vigorous skin with the capability of reducing redness and skin spots
Vitamin c Lemon, spinach, oranges, broccoli, cabbages, tomatoes, okra, chilli pepper, tangerines etc. -Promote collagen production leading to a firm skin,
-Improve anti-aging
-Reduces brown spots
Vitamin E Avocados, spinach, peanuts, almonds, sunflower oils etc. -Reduces dryness and protect the skin against UV rays
Vitamin K Celery, dried tomatoes, okras, blue berries, kales, cabbages, carrots etc. -Brings out a younger look

Avoiding too much refined foods

Intake of chocolate bars, French fries, biscuits &cookies, cakes, pizzas, soda, doughnuts, cakes, white breads and other refined sugary-starchy foods can be related to increased cases of having acnes. Refined food slow down the digestion as the fibre necessary for digestion is removed. Slowed digestion means there are high chances of having constipation which increases the level of impurities in the body.  Increased impurities means that our face will be less smooth and could even develops acnes and simples as the body tries to get rid of the impurities

Protect face from harsh environment

Too much sunlight can be harmful to the skin. A study by dermatologist has shown that sunlight is the common cause of early appearance of wrinkles. The sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays can also lead to low skin elasticity, rough skin and overall skin damage. The use of a good sunscreen will not only reduce the wrinkles but also keep away skin cancer. The face can also be protected by wearing a hat to avoid direct sunlight.

Having a smooth and spotless face does not require much, the only important thing to always remember is that God gave natural remedy to most of the problem we encounter.  Having a flawless face requires more than a quick overnight fix. It needs one to be patient and observe the above outlined tips.

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