Pregnancy Kit

What is a pregnancy strip/kit?

Pregnancy kit is a small kit or strip that is used by women to detect of confirm pregnancy.

How the pregnancy kit works

As you use pregnancy kit around you will need to understand how it works. This is because at home using a pregnancy test kits can be one of the simple way to detect early pregnancy.  This kit can detect pregnancy even after few days of fertilization. In fact approximately one week to two weeks the kit will give results.  A good number of the pregnancy test kits work by determining the level of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in a urine. hCG is normally produced by the placenta so its presence in the urine is a good indication of pregnancy.

How to use the pregnancy strip/kit

Using the pregnancy kit is quite simple. All you will need is small clean container (plastic or metallic) and the pregnancy kit.

Collect the urine in the small container. Ensure to collect the urine when your body has less other fluid interference.

Place the kit vertically in the urine as per the instructions given and wait until the kit changes the colour depending on the results. Note the time taken may be determined by the concentration of the hCG.

Which pregnancy kit is the best?

There are many pregnancy kit in the market and they all give results but there are those that more fast and efficient in giving out the results. Some of the best pregnancy kits include

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is a good kit that will actually detect the pregnancy in very early stages.

Another pregnancy kit that is fast and can detect pregnancy at early stages is Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

EPT pregnancy kit has been known to be 99% accurate and it very easy to use.

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