Signs or Symptoms of pregnancy

To understand Signs/Symptoms of pregnancy it is good to clearly know when to note the changes.

Have you been planning for pregnancy and all over sudden you have a funny feelings in your body that you don’t understand?  Signs/Symptoms of pregnancy many not be clearly defined to all the women. Many women, even those who are planning for pregnancy may not tell clearly if they are pregnant or not. One of the common sign of pregnancy in women includes missing of their periods, although for some this may not be a good sign. Around sixty percent of women experience early pregnancy symptoms, some experience the symptoms at a later stage i.

There are several ways you can test for pregnancy. At home you could use the pregnancy kit or you could visit a doctor to confirm the test. See also: Pregnancy Kit. The test will be done by either testing the blood or the urine. The level of the of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is measured as the hCG is only produced by the placenta.

Change in moods

Pregnant mother experience mood swings and most may not be aware of it. This happens due to hormonal changes It normal to see a lady who was overly calm become more happy or she may generally become easily irritate by small things. Others may become anxious and may not be able to deal with external pressure. In rare cases some women go into depression to the extent that they are professionally assisted to go through the pregnancy.

Change in food taste and preference

Pregnancy trigger different things for different women but in most cases many will experience a change in certain foods and aromas. Some crave for foods they rarely ate and some dislike their favorite foods.


Are you a lady who is generally active then suddenly you have the fatigue feeling you cannot explain? This could be a sign of pregnancy that is mostly over looked by many women.  Although it’s not clear why the fatigue comes some link it to the increase hormonal changes in the body.

Stomach bloating

Hormonal variations in early pregnancy make you feeling puffy. You feel as if your stomach has extra gas which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Regular urination

Soon after your pregnancy, hormonal changes results in a chain of events that increase the amount of blood moving through your kidneys. This makes your bladder to refill more rapidly, hence the need to urinate often.

Breasts changes

At around 4-6 weeks their will de notable breast changes such as breast soreness and increase in size. As the body gets used to the hormonal changes the soreness will reduce. Latter in the pregnancy the colour around the nipple become darker.

Light spotting

Since bleeding is not a good sign during pregnancy it is good to know that light spotting during the early stages in pregnancy is normal. Many have connected the light bleeding to the implantation i.e when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus. It is good to note that the bleeding should be light, heavy bleeding is not a good sign and one should consult a doctor.

Morning sickness

A good number of women develop morning sickness from the 4 week. Hormonal changes usually make many women feel sickly in the morning where they usually vomit and feel nauseated. In some cases the morning sickness reduces from the second trimester.

Missed menstrual period

For women who have regular period, then missing their periods in one moth is good Signs/Symptoms of pregnancy.  On the other hand women who experience irregular periods missing periods may not be clear sigh of pregnancy.  In this case it is good to observe other signs of pregnancy.

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