Six Wrong Modern Day Nutrition Leading to Early Graves

Six Wrong Modern Day Nutrition Leading to Early Graves.

In the modern days we celebrate the reduction of famine and adverse food shortage. We are basically proud of being one of the best fed generations. However, we are adversely paying the price of poor nutrition. Below is some of the wrong modern day nutrition making many of us dig our own graves.

1. Refined foods
We refine our foods thinking that we are making them diet friendly. Refining removes the good roughage/fiber that is essential for improving digestion. Fiber is necessary for protecting us from certain cancers, preventing gastrointestinal problems such hemorrhoids and constipation.


2. Fat
Most of food consumed contains high saturated fats. In fact 39 percent of daily calories are in form of fats. This level is more than the body can actually handle.  As results the blood vessels are clogged with fat increasing blood pressure which can eventually lead to heart failure


3. Salt
On a normal range an adult should consume 6g of salt a day. In contrast to want is required, many people consume 10 to 10 grams of salt a day. This high consumption contributes to many healthy risk such as high blood pressure, heart failure and kidney problems.

4. Sugar
Research has shown that refined sugar and artificial sweeteners account up to 22 percent of many people daily calories. The lifestyles of these people contains less physical activities, therefore the sugar is converted to fat hence increasing the chance of one become obese.

5. Beverages
Some of chemicals added to most beverages include sodium benzoate, phosphate, caffeine and even artificial sweeteners. Rarely will people prefer water, often they go for sodas, beer, coffee and many other juice. Alcohol and sugar is basic content of these beverages hence continuous consumption will led high sugar and alcohol levels in the body.

6. Canned foods
Most of canned foods are added preservatives and they contain less nutrients value that freshly produced foods. Although the preservatives may have a lower risk of causing harm, persistent intake may be not be good especially for young children, sick people and pregnant women.

In order to reduce the health effects of the above foods we should turn to alternative health foods that are more natural, raw and contain more fiber. Eating a variety of whole-plant foods will furnish all the fat, protein, fiber and nutrients the body needs. These foods will help reduce level of sugar, cholesterol and even weight that lead to more complicated diseases.

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