How to Take Care of Braids – Braid Maintenance Tips

How to Take Care of Braids or Braid Maintenance Tips. Although they take time to do, braiding is one of the most common forms of styles among women. Since they are tedious to do, one should take care of them to avoid hair breakage. Taking care braids is very important.

Here are the tips on how to take cared of braids or Braid Maintenance Tips

Pre braiding care tips

Before getting the braids done, let a professional stylist asses your hair to ensure it is in a good condition. If you have dry and weak hair you should be cautious when braiding as it may result in breakage and loss of hairline. A hot oil treatment will prepare the hair by moisturizing and replenishing it. Clean the hair with shampoo and conditioner that is deep penetrating . Lastly trim all the split ends to avoid further splitting of hair follicle.

When braiding

This is the most important step as it will determine how and when to take care of the braids.
While the braids are being done ensure they are not too tight. Tight braiding leads to hair loss, thinning hairline or worse balding. Select the type of braids depending on your hair type. Braids that are too heavy and rough are to be avoided. Wearing different braids hair styles can reduce tension on specific area hence avoiding hair loss.

After braiding

Regularly spray on a light leave in conditioner, braid spray or hair oil will take care of the braids as it keeps them well moisturized.

To keep the scalp well lubricated one can use aloe Vera gel, olive oil or its products. Remember to wash the braids with shampoo and apply light conditioner. The braids are to dried completely as water may lead to hair breakage. Always cover the head with satin or silk scarf to keep the braids neat and to avoid any friction with the pillowcase

Undoing the braids

After taking care of the braids for some time, there comes a time when they should be removed. The ideal time that the braids should be undo will depend on the type of braids done. Some can go for weeks, one month or at most one and half month. However to know the ideal time to undo the braids is to ensure they are still relatively fresh i.e. a maximum of one month. Below are tips on how to prevent hair loss when

Undoing braids

1. Lubricate your braids before undoing them. Braided hair is mostly dry and the extension added makes it brittle. To reduce hair loss put water and liquid in spraying bottle and spray the braids then undo, This will also  make the process easier

2. Use a rat tail comb and undo each braid at a time. Detangle the hair in each braid using the finger. The hair should be combed from the end to root using the appropriate comb.

After undoing, detangling and combing each section plait that section. Once all the braids are removed use protein treatment to make the hair strong and moisturized.

Taking care of braids does not require much professional advice. All is need is to ensure that you follow the appropriate advice listed above and any other given by your hair specialist.

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