Things that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage

Some of the things that may lead to kidney failure can easily be over looked without the understanding of human kidney. Kidneys are vital organs in the body; they usually play major roles including purification of blood by filtering blood and producing urine, absorbing minerals and producing hormones. These roles are so important that if the kidneys fail to work fully, the body system can seriously be affected to the extent of causing death.

Types/cause of kidney failure

Kidney failure/damage can be caused by several things such as
•    The kidney may be damaged by severe infection, drugs and radioactive materials etc.
•     Kidney stones whish are  hard, crystal-like mineral material formed inside the kidney or urinary tract
•    Injured blood vessels to the kidneys due to hypertension and diabetes
•    Congenital abnormalities of the kidney or urinary tract.
•    Glomerulonephritis which is the attack of the kidney tissues by the body’s own immune system or disease.
•    The growth of cysts on the kidneys (polycystic kidney disease)

Signs/symptoms of kidney failure

1. Weakness since the kidney is not functioning at its best it means that Erythropoietin a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to make more red blood cells is not produce normally. This will mean that the body will have less oxygen hence one ends up feeling tired.
2. Shortness of breath as stated above the body lacks enough red blood cells hence less oxygen in the blood.
3. Dizziness and confusion lack of enough oxygen in the body due to low Erythropoietin means the brain is not functioning optimally
4. Swelling is caused by the water retained in the body
5. Abnormal heart beats this is caused when there is excess potassium in the body

In the initial stages kidney failure may not have clear symptoms so it’s good to take care of the kidneys at all time

Things that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage include the following

1.    Eating too much salt.

Eating too much salt can be harmful to your body. This is because kidneys are tasked with function to remove the sodium from the body. Excess salt will mean the kidneys will be required to work harder which may eventually lead to lower functioning ability of the kidney. To maintain balance the body will retain more water something that may lead to health problems.

2. Dehydration

In order to purify blood and remove toxins from the body enough water must be taken. Dehydration makes the urine to be extremely concentrated and this increase the workload for the kidneys as it will need to clean blood. This lowers the normal function of the body as more toxins may be retained in the body.

3. Alcoholism

To the body alcohol is a toxin which must be filtered by the kidneys. Alcohol may hinder the ability of the kidney to function well which may further make wrong amount of water to be retained in the body.  This may eventually lead to kidney failure or damage.

4. You eat too much sugar.

Another thing that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage is too much sugar intake. Taking sugar is not a problem to the kidneys if the right amount is consumed. The problem begins when the sugar is extremely high. This may lead to diabetes which may make the kidney start to release some amount of sugar in the urine. For diabetic people this may lead to kidney failure.

5. Smoking.

Some of the ways in which smoking may lead to kidney failure is by increasing blood pressure, reduce blood flow to the kidneys and narrows the blood vessels in the kidneys. Smoking also increases the amount of toxins in the body therefore making the kidney work more.

6. You consume too much protein.

Protein is a vital nutrient in the body. The body requires protein to make body tissues and other functions. However excess intake of protein may lead to kidney failure as the body will tasked more to remove the excess protein that the body does not require.

7. Not emptying the bladder right away.

One the most common thing that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage is the habit of holding urine even after having the urge to empty the bladder. Urine normally has some of the toxins which have been removed from the body. Holding urine for long would mean that some bacteria may develop which may eventually spread to the kidney.

8. Uncontrolled use of painkillers regularly.

Another thing that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage is uncontrolled use of pain killers. Many people love to buy over the counter drugs which can sometime damage the kidney if used for continuous period. Pain killers that combine acetaminophen and aspirin are some of the components in medicine that can damage the kidney..

9. You drink too much coffee.

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that increases blood pressure hence increasing kidney stress. Caffeine is also known to cause kidney stones which affect the normal operation of the kidney.

Some of the things that may lead to Kidney failure or kidney damage can be avoided by adopting a healthy life.  Information is power so it’s important to stop some of the unhealthy habits you have learned from this article.

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