Ways Used To Bleach the Skin

Ways Used To Bleach the Skin. They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but currently in some parts of the world it seems the common saying has changed to be “The beauty lies with the light skinned.” Many ladies believe that being light skinned is what makes them look beautiful. Even well-known celebrities have had their skin “professionally bleached”. The interesting is that there are different ways used to bleach the skin and this article will look at some these ways.

What is skin bleaching?

Skin bleaching a very interesting topic, literally speaking skin is not bleached but rather the production of melanin is hindered.  Melanin is the dark pigment that gives the skin its dark colour. In most cases certain chemicals are applied to the skin and when they are absorbed production of pigment is hindered. In some cases skin bleaching includes induced mild shedding of the skin where lighter skin is generated after the skin has finished shedding.

Some of the ways used to bleach the skin include

Use of Hydroquinone products
Many people may not have heard of Hydroquinone, but in world of skin bleaching, it is a common component used in  bleaching creams and skin care products. There are several beauty products containing Hydroquinone but the concentration may differ depending on the purpose of Hydroquinone products. Some of the side effects of using Hydroquinone include skin irritation, increased skin sensitivity and skin inflaming. Due to the negative effects of these chemical some countries has introduced total ban of this chemical. Skin bleaching through Hydroquinone products is not safe and it should be avoided.

Use of mercury

Another way people use to bleach their skin is by using Mercury products. Mercury is very harmful chemical which is widely known for serious problems like neurological disorders, kidney malfunction, tremors, insomnia etc. Regardless of these problems you will still find some skin bleaching products having Mercury as an ingredient.

Side effects of skin bleaching

Exogenous ochronosis

Exogenous ochronosis is permanent darkening of the skin. The darkened skin cannot be reversed since it occurs due to continued use of harmful substances like Hydroquinone. This happens when the skin bleaching agents make the skin pigment to build up in body parts like ears, finger joints and toes. When this happens a person has uneven skin tone that can never be reversed.

Skin cancer
Continued use of bleaching agents leaves the skin exposed to harmful sun rays that can cause skin cancer. Since melanin is destroyed the skin cannot protect itself from harmful effects of the sun.

Skin infection
Prolonged skin bleaching can lead to serious skin infection especially for those who are prone to eczema and acne

Kidney damage
Another side effect of skin bleaching is kidney damage which is one of the effects of mercury poisoning.

Thinning of the Skin
Over using of skin bleaching creams tampers with normal functions of the skin and some time the skin is not regenerated at the normal rate. This means that there will be skin thinning; something that makes the skin look like it will tear

Many people know the side effects of skin bleaching but they still undergo the procedure. In fact in some countries some of the highly searched topics on skin bleaching included
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