Why Women in Nairobi Are Likely To Be Obese

Women in Nairobi are more likely to become obese that their counterpart in the rural areas. Below are some of the reasons why the educated and well informed women will likely be obese:

1.    Lower physical activities
Most of the ladies will rather take a cab or use their vehicle even for a short distance. Rarely will you see them using the stairs; they will use the lift even to get to first floor. Every year many will talk how they will join the gym but that is never put in practice

2.    Junk food
Nairobi has well established restaurant that are located in every corner. Their routine marketing style, like buy one pizza and get one soft drink for free, is what is making most of these ladies obese. During certain days of the week you find Nairobi ladies lining-up to get a bite of these overpriced junk food.

3.    Long working hours
For many professional ladies there is never enough time to allocate for physical activities many will sit for long hours. This has negative effects on their health and weight.

4.    Alcohol
Many women are now taking more alcohol that even the men. Alcohol intake lead to weight gain as it is converted to body fat.

5.    No house chores
Since memorial women are known for their in house chores like house cleaning, washing and dish washing. These activities may look simple but they played a major role in helping women in earlier years keeping fit. Today modern lady has either a washing machine, dish washer and in the cases where these machines are not available they end up having house managers who do everything.

To maintain average weight women in Nairobi and other urban areas like Mombasa should embrace a whole lifestyle change. They should stop blaming it on genes and child birth. Unless for unavoidable circumstance like health issues women should work out, eat healthy and eat less or smaller portions

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