Women and Ways to Look Slimmer

Women and ways to look slimmer; Are you feeling like you have added a few kilos and you have this special occasion that you need to look gorgeous as before?  If you are in this position then we have highlighted ways that you can look slimmer

1.    Get Shape-wear
Acquire shape-wear that hide bulges and at the same time be able to lift your breasts and the behind

2.    Show Some Skin by wearing v shaped Top/Dresses
Wearing a V shaped dress or top will make your body longer and slimmer on your upper body. Don’t cover the area around the neck. V shaped attire will draw attention away from your mid-section.

3.    Wear heels
Wearing heels generally improves your postured. One many ask- how can wearing heels make me look slimmer. Now, what happens when you wear the heels is that  your legs appear longer, your behind appears tucked and eventually your postures improves making you look great

4.    Choose the Right Fabrics
Light and soft fabrics will likely show more bulges. For all the women’s who want to appear slimmer chooses fabric that is a bit heavier. Fabrics such as cotton, cashmere etc.

5.    Match the colors
Wearing tops of the same colour as the bottoms will actually make you look slimmer as attire will develop a notion of the same color create an continuous vertical line, drawing less attraction at the mid-section.

6.    Wear Jewelry Tactfully
Lengthy necklaces enhance and make your neck look longer. In addition it draws attention away from your hips.
As simple as they looks, the above tips on how to look slimmer can work wonders. Looking classy and elegant should not be a strain for many women as long as you know what you want. It is also important to live and stay healthy.

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